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Part ten of your blueprint for success in 2017 will tell you why rewarding yourself for your endeavours will go a long way to keeping you on track with your goals.

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the small things, especially when we work so hard to be able to have or enjoy some of life’s luxuries, or rewards. Remembering back to the first blog post we wrote, we asked the question of what is motivating you to achieve your resolution this year, and we also spoke of rewarding yourself for your triumphs, but in a way that is not going tot be detrimental to your efforts, and endeavours.

Thinking back to a previous part of this series, we spoke of breaking down your ‘vision’ into small, manageable goals i.e. losing two to three pounds a week for four weeks. By setting smaller, and more easily manageable goals to attain you are more likely to keep going, not give up, and strive toward your ultimate achievement. That said, the rewards need to be something that is going to help to keep you on the correct path, so you need to break down your goals, and link a reward in with them.

Blog Title - Part Ten

These rewards need to be as realistic as your goals that you set, and shouldn’t bankrupt you. They should compliment your lifestyle, and as said, should not hinder you. Try to be as imaginative as you can such as rewarding yourself, or your savings pot, for every pound you lose, or every mile you achieve on a running program with a donation into your holiday pot. Donate to charity when you achieve a goal, as this will ensure that you do not give up knowing that someone who needs it will benefit from your generosity.

Work together with your accountability partner, and do something together when you both hit your targets. It could be something as easy as a trip to watch a movie or a spa treatment. This way you are also ensuring that you both stay focused and motivated.

Rewards are beneficial, but only if it does so without hindrance. Enjoy.

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