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In part seven, we look at why you must track what you are doing this year if you are serious about results.

When people set out on their fitness journey to accomplish whatever it is they set out to do, they often neglect one of the most important, and motivating factors of success. They fail to track, and measure.

People may say what’s the point of tracking and measuring? I’ll just crack on. Then go for it. But if you lack patience, motivation, or self-control, you’re heading for a fall. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it, as the saying goes.

When we change bad habits and coach good habits, they take a significant amount of time. Sometimes they can take months before you see substantial change. By this time, you’ve given up. Tracking and measuring will help to keep you focused on your ‘vision’.

How we track and measure will depend on the individual, as no two people are the same. We live in a world of modern technology, and there are so many platforms and methods for everything, and the same goes for health, and fitness. Online tracking will enable you to keep all your data in one handy, and more often than not, always at hand device. It charts your data, and shows you your success in the blink of an eye, much more easily than a pen, and paper.

You can access it at any time, anywhere. There is a reduced risk of losing this data, as more often than not, it is backed up on various devices that we may have. We can use them for all elements of our lifestyle from training, nutrition, and even how much sleep we have.

Blog Title - Part Seven

Or if you are a technophobe, there is the trusty, old journal. Write down your goals, your progress, and your success. Keep it handy, and update it just as much as someone who is using the on-line method. 

Tracking and measuring will provide you with motivation when you can easily access your progress. If you are lacking in motivation, have a look back at your progress, and let it serve as a reminder that you have had that success, and you will have it again. It serves as a visual reminder that you are taking steps forward, and to continue to do so, you need to focus.

You can also join various on-line groups if you’re tracking that way. You can connect with like-minded people who share the same goals as you, or you can connect with your accountability partner.

Speaking of accountability, having it in front of you in black, and white will massively increase the chances of you sticking to your program, and being consistent. It won’t lie to you. If you tell yourself that you’ve done this and that when the reality is that you haven’t, your tracker will tell you otherwise.

As we’ve said before, celebrate your success. You’ll see it more clearly when it’s written down. By this, we don’t mean splurging on a full box of chocolates. Make sure it benefits you, and not hinders you. Buy yourself a new training top for example. Celebrating success lets you know that what you are doing is worthwhile, but do it with a little bit of thought.

Be consistent. It starts now.

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