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Part nine of your success blueprint will aim to drill into you why you need to be prepared to accept failure. Why? Simple, we all fail at some point. The difference is between those who give up and those that carry on.

Making lifestyle changes can be difficult. We are so set in our ways that we find it hard to adjust fully, and really focus on what we want. Coaching good habits, and ingraining them takes considerable time. This can be said of both our fitness and nutrition.    

When we begin to eliminate bad habits and embrace good habits we often find it incredibly challenging to control our desire, especially when our mood is low, or our mind is in neutral.

The desire to skip your workout, and dive into the ‘treat’ cupboard takes hold. Before you know it, you’re surrounded by crumbs that once resembled half a packet of biscuits. You said to yourself that you’ll only have one. One becomes two. Two becomes three, and so on. After the first one, your mind tells you that you have failed and that everything you’ve worked for is going down the pan faster than that one biscuit went down.

Blog Title - Part Nine

You do so because you don’t have the mindset to fail small. I bet you’re one of the millions of people who say things like “oh well, it’s a new week soon” or “I’ll start next month instead”. You need to adopt a new mindset and shift your values if you’re to succeed this year.

We often obsess over failure so much so that the slightest glitch results in the end of the ‘vision’, or the end of the goal you’ve been working so hard to get to. Get rid of the “I’ll start on Monday” mindset this year if you are to follow through with your resolution.

Monday happens four times a month. Do the maths on all the days in between, if you keep that way of thinking this year, and every year, and you let it rule your head.

Mistakes are proof that you are trying. We all make them. One biscuit. One beer. It isn’t the end of the world and is not going to sabotage everything you’ve been working so hard to eliminate or work towards. Changing habits take time, as we said above.

Learn to accept small failures. Don’t obsess over the occasional blip. We all have them. Once you get your head around this, forward is the only direction you’ll head in. Fail to adopt the mindset to fail small, and you’ll only be digging deeper, and further down into the darkness.

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