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Christmas is the time of year where we can guarantee one thing. No, it’s not the big red man coming down the chimney. It’s the increase in alcohol consumption. With all the best will in the world, you may struggle to say no to one or two. 


Alcohol is high in calories. One glass of champagne, for example, can contain around 90 calories. This is where moderation is the key to happy, not hungover. Many of you may track what you eat and drink using the My Fitness pal app, so a little forward thinking regarding your weekly total will allow you to relax, and have a glass of your favorite tipple.

Blog Title - Christmas Alcohol

Alternate alcohol with a non-alcoholic drink, preferably lower in calories or water. Alternatively, ask for low-calorie mixers.

Ensure, above all else, that you do not skip meals to allow for more alcohol to be consumed. A novice mistake, if there ever was one. Alcohol lowers the blood sugar levels, and the food you’ve consumed will help to slow the rate of absorption.

Take these couple of tips into consideration this festive season. Enjoy yourselves, but do so in moderation.

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