Heather Buckel

In January 2014, I walked through the doors of Fitness Formation for the first time and I haven’t regretted one minute of that decision since.  They say that everything happens for a reason and I firmly believe that fate brought me to FF.

Since becoming a member of FF, I have become fit enough to compete in Born Survivor twice, knocking 40 minutes off last years time, and taking part in the 10 mile Total Warrior event.  

Last year, I climbed Mount Snowden in May and then I did a 100k trek in the Sahara Desert at the end of February and the beginning of March. In total since becoming a member of FF, I have lost 5 stone and dropped 4 dress sizes.

FF is my sanctuary and I love training here.  My husband Mick had the rare neurodegenerative condition MSA, but sadly passed away last year. These guys cared about Mick as well as me and I know that if I needed help of any kind they would have come to our aid.

Success Story - Heather Buckel

Joining FF is the best decision that anyone wanting to get fit and lose weight could ever make. I have joined conventional gyms in the past with little or no success, and the longest that I stayed a member was for 6 months. When you go to the gym on your own you can’t get results without paying large amounts of money for personal one to one training.  I have been with FF now for nearly 18 months, and have achieved great results.

Fitness Formation has the real feeling of family and having fun whilst training with likeminded people. Not only do we have great training sessions, we also get really excellent nutrition and lifestyle advice which is where most of us fall down in our weight loss journey.

Our coaches have a wealth of knowledge and ensure that we are progressively getting stronger, and fitter. They put us through out paces always ensuring that we are safe and that our technique and posture is correct.  

The guys are great motivators, as are the other members of FF.  If I’m having an off day or struggling for what ever reason, my gym buddies come to my rescue and ensure that I keep going along the right path.

Fidsy Essa

‘Fitness Formation is way beyond your average gym’

I had read many positive stories about Fitness Formation before I thought I’d give them a try. I initially decided to try out the April Transformation Challenge to lose weight and I haven’t looked back since. From the first day I set foot into the studio, I was greeted by friendly faces and friendly coaches. Who would have thought that these faces and coaches would end up becoming part of my family and friends for life.

I have joined many gyms in the past and wasted hundreds of pounds by going regularly, which then dropped to a few times a month to not going at all due to a lack of motivation. However, this has not been the case at Fitness Formation. I enjoy every session I attend and look forward to the next one to work hard and have a good laugh with my ‘family’.

Fun is an understatement at Fitness Formation. It truly is a fantastic, full of laughter hour long session with the best coaches and people I have come across. These coaches literally know you as an individual. They go above and beyond and I have seen how the company has continued to move forward by listening to their clients and wanting the best for us in the space of the 22 months that I have been there.

I wasn’t able to attend for months due to me recovering from an operation, yet I never once felt like I wasn’t part of Fitness Formation during this time. The lovely, caring messages I received from the boys and the members were very touching, especially as I hadn’t even met some of them. Where would you find this kind of love from a gym?? I never thought I would be saying this about any gym, but not been able to attend for those few months was very difficult for me.

Fidsy Essa - Success Story

I could not wait to get back, but a plan was first put into place to help get me back up and running. I knew I would have to start all over again with the weight loss, fitness and strength, which we discussed prior to starting after the doctors clearance and is still put into practice to this day. 

I have seen results as well. For years, my weight stayed the same and I lost some inches, but I have a goal of wanting to be a certain weight. Having a short meeting face to face with one of the coaches and discussing my nutrition, I lost 10lbs in 3 weeks. I have gone from 135lbs to 125lbs, all thanks to the right encouragement and support.

My fitness and strength is back up with the different exercises in each session. This also wouldn’t have been achievable without my family! If you’re having a bad day or lacking the motivation to go to Fitness Formation, they are there pushing you and saying the right words. If you’re having a good day, they are there to boost your confidence and praise you. What more would you want??

Fitness Formation is the best gym I have ever attended. I love the close knit  family and everyone looks after one another. There is no competition at Fitness Formation, just lots of encouragement and a happy atmosphere. We are non-judgemental, a team, but first and foremost as one. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

I’ll leave you all with this…

If you prefer small groups during a session, awesome nutritional advice to lose or gain pounds, a good laugh whilst working out, people on the same wavelength as you, the best coaches who know you as an individual and will work hard for you to achieve your goal(s) and friends for life, then Fitness Formation is for you.

Catherine Harrison

My name is Catherine. I’m a wife, mum of 2 young children and a teacher.

I first walked through the doors of FF in June 2013.  I was terrified.

I had taken advantage of an offer for 4 weeks unlimited training. I LOVED it!! I loved the training, the banter, the people and then my 4 weeks were over. I decided not to stay on as a full member, I made lots of excuses as to why, “can’t afford it,” “kids still need me at home,” “not enough time,” etc etc.

I stupidly thought I could do it on my own….

I was soon back. I bungeed back and forth to FF over the next 2 years, and in that time I tried a number of other gyms. But I never truly felt at home, or like I was making progress.

Then, in May 2014, I lost my dad very suddenly. I slipped back into old and bad habits, stopped exercising and started to regain the weight I’d lost. I knew where I needed to be, where I would get the support I needed to get back on track.  

After a quick chat with Ryan, I was back in the studio, surrounded by positive, like minded people who provide genuine support, both for you to reach your physical goals, and emotionally, too.

Success Story - Catherine Harrison

Since being at FF I have done things I never dreamed I would do. I have stepped so far out of my comfort zone I can no longer see it. Anyone who knows me personally would know that 5 years ago I barely walked anywhere, never mind ran. I didn’t own any trainers, I now practically live in gym gear on my days off work! I have taken part in four 10K obstacle races, swam a mile of Windermere, done several running events and I’m planning on many more.

I love training at FF, not just for the results I get, which have been many. I have lost 3 dress sizes, I eat so much better, and I am fitter and stronger. I love it there for the people I get to speak to everyday.

They are amazing. Supportive, helpful, informative and inspiring. We are all on the same path together, and if one of us falls, there is always a hand to help you back up onto your feet. I would recommend anyone to come down, spend some time in the studio and see if it’s for you. If my dad’s death taught me anything, it’s that life is too short to not be doing what makes you happy.

The coaches are a massive part of the FF family and they are absolutely brilliant. From the education we get daily, the 24/7 support we get for our nutrition goals and the technical guidance, support and encouragement we get each session to push our boundaries, push our limits and crack those goals is second to none.

We call ourselves a family, because we genuinely are. I can’t remember the last time I went into the gym and didn’t know every single person there by name.

Everyone cares about the person, not just the program at FF, and as a big bonus, we get to have fun, laugh and improve ourselves at the same time.

This is the best investment I have ever made in myself. Long may it continue.

Danielle Hillman

My Fitness Formation journey started on the 22nd September 2014. I signed up for a 6 week challenge.  I was massively over weight, scared, and terribly unfit. Having tried every fad diet, every diet pill and potion and failing miserably and just getting bigger, this was my next attempt at weight loss. I never knew or would have believed it if someone said it, but the 22nd September 2014 was the day my life changed. The first step of so many on my amazing journey.

I walked into my first session shaking having never exercised before. I was so nervous, worried what everyone would think of me. But not one eye was on me, no staring, no looks off people. I was instantly welcomed to Fitness Formation. The team made me and the other girls who had joined the challenge feel instantly at ease. I made it through my first session and was eager to get to my next session which was with Dan Donohue.

I nearly passed out. That was how unfit I was. For the first time I felt sick with exercise. I thought it was just what people said to exaggerate, but it’s true, exercise can make you feel sick! The next time I walked in Dan welcomed me by name and this is the moment I knew this place was for me. I wasn’t a number, I wasn’t another direct debit, I was an individual.

Danielle Hillman Before

After my 6 week challenge, I became a full time member of FF. Fitness Formation is an amazing gym were exercise is, what I believe, the highest standard there is. The members are a big part of what make the place amazing. We really are like a family. We laugh, cry and support each other every single day. I have met people that will no doubt be in my life forever. Being able to talk and be with people who are with you every step of your journey as you equally are on theirs is amazing. My results wouldn’t have been the same without them.

Danielle HillmanNow let me talk about the boys! They are the obvious glue of this place. They aren’t just trainers who turn up to work. They eat, sleep and breathe Fitness Formation. They genuinely care and are 100% dedicated to every single member of this place and helping them get the results they want. They know their stuff and any questions asked are answered. I mentioned before how I’m not just a number. They know my ability, my weaknesses and they know how to push me to make me better, fitter and stronger. They have got me to where I am today and without them I would be lost.

I have achieved a weight loss of four stone, dropped four dress sizes and I am the fittest I have ever been not only physically, but mentally. Fitness Formation changes lives.

You get real support, real friends, real coaching and most of all real results, and I could not recommend a place more.

Emma Lucas

I am a mum of 2 young children, I’ve always been a size 12 to 14 and had all the usual insecurities about my ‘wobbly bits’ that bearing children can leave you with. I had slipped into the lifestyle trap of lazy evenings on the sofa watching TV and eating junk. I had basically resigned myself to the fact that this is how my body was going to look from now on.

I had tried fad diets and a variety of exercise methods but only ever managed to lose a few pounds which I would then gain after the novelty of dieting and exercise wore off.

I started at Fitness Formation in April 2014 on a ’28 Day Transformation Program’. If I’m honest, I was very reluctant at first as I believed this would be like all my other past gym experiences. I’d get bored, waste money and go back to my sofa to comfort eat.

How wrong I was!

My first week at FF was tough. No pain, no gain, but with all the positive encouragement and guidance it got easier every week. My stamina improved, I felt stronger and most importantly to me, my wobbly bits stopped wobbling. The boys gave excellent instruction on nutrition in order for me to formulate a realistic diet plan without starving myself living on lettuce leaves! 

In the space of a few months, I lost a stone in weight and I was into size 10 clothes. I feel lean (further improvement still to be made), but most importantly to me, the weight is staying off and I feel the fittest I ever have.

Success Story - Emma Lucas

FF is in a league of its own. There’s no egos, no mirrors and no pumped up posers in lycra, just real people with real goals. It has a fun and positive environment with a real sense of ‘Family’.

Primarily the boys are what make FF the amazing place it is. Their enthusiastic commitment and extensive knowledge provide the perfect foundations for a professional and safe environment to train in. They help you set individual targets and will push you to your own personal limits to ensure you achieve them. Ryan and Dan are constantly available to guide and inspire us and the bonus is that they are two of the most charismatic men I have ever met!

The timetable they provide is varied and all the sessions are creative and challenging but always bloody good fun. I’ve never been to a session yet that hasn’t had me working hard yet laughing at the same time.

The FF community is the best. An amalgamation of crazy, beautiful people, different personalities but all with similar aspirations. FF members are always ready to motivate and support each other and provide a good network of buddies to encourage you on your pathway to success. Without a doubt, lifelong friendships are made.

I would recommend FF to anyone regardless of age, ability or fitness level. No matter what your objective is you can be assured that the boys at FF will help you take action and achieve it in a caring, professional and fun atmosphere.

I love every aspect of it. Walking through their door was the best decision I have ever made.

Leanne Johnson

Since starting my journey at Fitness Formation, my outlook on life has changed incredibly.

Before starting at FF, I saw exercise as a chore and something I thought I would never enjoy. How wrong could I be? Now I could never imagine life without it and hope I never have to.

FF is not only a gym to me but a place I feel totally accepted and supported, and have done since the first day I walked through the doors.  I recommend FF to everyone who ever asks me about how I have achieved the results I have so far.  I could never ever imagine returning to a ‘normal’ gym as this has never worked for me in the past, and would never work for me again.

Before joining FF, I had tried every slimming class, fad diet and dabbled in all sorts of exercise but never sustained any results as I got bored, and my motivation dwindled quickly. Until now.

The best thing about FF for me is the atmosphere and the sense of belonging to something so fulfilling.

Success Story - Leanne Johnson

This has been, in my opinion, the best investment I have ever made. If someone had told me the results I would attain, I would have joined long before I did. I consider these results to be priceless.

The coaches at FF are, in my opinion, two of most knowledgeable, encouraging guys I have ever met and have, over time, become good friends also. My results have been noticed by everyone around me which spurs me on to keep going and keep achieving.

Before joining I was 3 stone over weight and very unfit. I now see the changes in my body shape and my mindset has changed completely. I can’t thank FF enough for how it has changed my life. 

I am happier, healthier and now a non – smoker all thanks to the guidance and encouragement of everybody at Fitness Formation.

This place ROCKS. Plain and simple.

If you’re willing to put in some hard work whilst having fun at the same time, you will achieve all the results you want.

Jessie West

I first came across Fitness Formation at their Sunday morning boot camps in preparation for Born Survivor, and from my first session I knew I was a part of something special. Following a bereavement and a turbulent time at work, Born Survivor seemed like just the challenge I needed.

I knew it was going to be tough but I was immediately put at ease by supportive coaches and it was clear there were strong relationships amongst the group which I had never experienced before. Consequently after completing Born Survivor, I immediately signed up and it was by far the best decision I have ever made.

Within 4 months of joining I had lost a stone and a half, lost inches, dropped a dress size and I was noticeably leaner. I was able to wear ‘that dress’ that had been sitting in my wardrobe for years and brave ‘that pair’ of skinny jeans I’d never had the confidence to wear before.

What is so fantastic about Fitness Formation was that my weight loss was just the start. My fitness has improved dramatically and I have gone from someone who would struggle to run more than 3 miles to running a half marathon in under 2 hours. This is an achievement I am incredibly proud of and would have never achieved without Fitness Formation.

Success Story - Jessie West

The coaches are with you every step of the way and it is clear they love what they do. I’ve tried other gyms and the idea of personal training sessions horrified me so it was always something I would avoid.  At FF, I felt like the coaches have gotten to know me as a person and are genuinely interested in my progress. The sessions are tailored to suit your goals and I feel I can always confide in them with any worries I have, which is something I haven’t found easy in the past, but at FF I feel I can be completely open and honest, and not judged as a result. 

Joining Fitness Formation is the best investment you will ever make for yourself as the support is incredible from the coaches and members alike. What sets Fitness Formation apart from others is the close knit family feel. I have made many friends for life here and I truly do consider them to be family.

It is such an incredible feeling to train with a great bunch of people, share each other’s successes and provide comfort and support in times of need. Above all, we just have the most amazing fun and all that laughter certainly helps work your core!

I don’t believe in regrets but one thing I do wish is that I had come across Fitness Formation earlier. It has become such an important part of my life and I genuinely don’t know what I’d do without it.

Hazel Leech

Three years have flown by since I was marched down to Fitness Formation by a friend who was fed up of listening to me whining about my health. I remember telling Ryan about how lethargic and depressed I was feeling. How my energy levels and self esteem were at rock bottom.  

Little did I know but by the following spring I’d have a leaner, toned figure, plenty of get up and go, plus enough confidence to make many changes to my lifestyle and even take on Born Survivor.

At 54, I’d already been through every fitness fad and exercise regime in the book, only to fall by the wayside every time. Other gyms offered plenty of equipment and classes, but somehow I felt invisible there.

At Fitness Formation, they have a different approach whichensures great results for every member. It’s based on respect and a genuine personal interest being taken in our well-being and fitness goals. You train hard amongst friends in a welcoming and supportive environment where the banter and hilarity can make the session fly by and the coaches always take a bit of ribbing!

Put simply, Fitness Formation offers inclusion on a social level which I couldn’t get anywhere else and where I feel valued as an individual. As Hazel. That was the missing ingredient.

Success Story - Hazel Leech

My favourite things about Fitness Formation are knowing that I’m part of a supportive team, and enjoying the varied program. Finally, achieving my goals in fitness and feeling on the top of the world.

In addition to exercise and training, Fitness Formation has given me a new insight on nutrition which has had remarkable effects on my lifestyle in relation to food, somehow getting me into the habit of making healthy choices without the resentment of feeling like I’m missing out on cakes and sticky buns.

With help from Fitness Formation, anyone can discover that missing ingredient and start looking forward to feeling great again, alive and invigorated.

So glad I joined.

Bella Starling

Exercise had always been a big part of my life but having two kids, a busy job, moving across the country and moving house three times in six years meant I was not the healthy, athletic and energetic person I used to be. I’d tried gym memberships, exercise classes and running but soon lost motivation. Another school mum mentioned Fitness Formation.

Worth a try, I reckoned!

In my month’s trial, I did more different exercises, ached in more places and had more fun than in any other gym experience. Ryan and Dan coaxed and encouraged, tweaked technique and pushed my body further than I thought it could go. What impressed me was that they know their ‘physical’ stuff (well you’d hope so wouldn’t you?) and they are emotionally sensitive, too.

This makes a HUGE difference. They know how to get the best from you. They know how to encourage you so that you can get the best from yourself. It was an easy decision to extend my membership.

Bella Starling - Success Story

My goal for joining Fitness Formation was about weight loss but just as importantly for me – about mental health. I’ve lost inches and pounds, with the exercise and nutrition advice. But even more crucially, sweating and grunting my heart out in the studio three times a week helps keep me positive, confident and energised.

And then…..

I went and broke my arm scampering down a mountain and was in a cast for 6 weeks. Far from holding me back, the coaches gave me alternative exercise to do, and keeping within the limits so as not to aggravate the injury. I’m positive this helped my recovery.

Social media, peer-to-peer advice and group accountability is a key aspect to Fitness Formation. I’m a private person but the Fitness Formation community is encouraging, generous and happy to help if they can. There’s no cliques and no judgement. Phew.

Fitness Formation rocks. Without wanting to sound corny, I haven’t experienced anything like it before. The coaches are top-notch, incredibly motivational and personally supportive of you as a whole person to get the best for yourself, physically and mentally. And the FF family rocks too!

Too good to be true? Try it. You’ll see.

Selena Berry

My story starts at the beginning of 2015. In January, my now ex husband left me and my three children. He told me that he had fallen out of love with me and didn’t want to be with me anymore. My confidence was at an all time low. I didn’t know what I had done wrong. I had given that man my life and my all and it wasn’t enough.

I was massively overweight and decided that it was now or never to change my life. I started to eat healthier and the weight started to come off. I lost one stone very quickly and started to feel better in my health. In August 2014, I had been told I was borderline diabetic and had to make changes to my lifestyle.

In the middle of February 2015, I found out that he had been having an affair and this is the real reason he left me. This was with a colleague and someone I considered a friend. This was very hard to take as it was a double betrayal of my trust. I started to gain weight again and I discovered that I am an emotional eater.

My mum, Heather Buckel, had been a member of Fitness Formation for quite some time and kept encouraging me to join. I would make excuses as to why I couldn’t go because I had been to gyms in the past and always felt very self conscious about people staring at me. I always found the gym a place where I was just a number. I didn’t know what I was doing and nobody seemed interested in what I wanted to get out of it or even tell me if I was doing it right.

So after lots of encouragement from my mum, assuring me that Fitness Formation was not like that, I went along to my first boot camp on the 19th of April. I was terrified. I didn’t know what to expect, and I didn’t know if I could do it. When I arrived my mum introduced me to some of her friends and the coaches. Everyone was so lovely to me and really welcoming, and it put me at ease a little.

Then the hard work started. The coaches made the session enjoyable, but it also made me realise how unfit I was and this had to change.

For the next few weeks, I attended the boot camps on a Sunday and then I saw an introductory offer to try the gym with unlimited group sessions for 28 days, so again with my mum’s encouragement, I signed up and started at the gym on the 11th May 2015. At this point, I was 12lbs down from my original starting weight in January and I really wanted to lose more.

I made the most of my 28 day membership training as much as I could and trying each different type of session that was on offer to see which ones I liked. I enjoyed the 28 days so much and I had lost another 12lbs. I decided to sign up as a full member for one year starting with two sessions a week.

The reason’s that I enjoyed it are because the coaches made me feel that my results mattered to them, they gave me advice and encouragement and made sure that I was performing the exercises properly. They pushed me to levels that I didn’t know I had but never made me do anything that I couldn’t.

Success Story - Selena Buckel

Fitness Formation is not just a gym. It is a community. A family. Ryan and Dan know the name of everyone who walks through the door, they are there for you if you have a question about nutrition or fitness, and are great listeners. But its not just Ryan and Dan that make the family.

It’s the members who you train with. Due to what happened to my life at the beginning of last year, I have massive trust issues and I struggle to let people in to get to know the real me, and it takes me time to open up. However, the people I have met through Fitness Formation have become amazing friends that I can really trust and talk to and be myself around and I feel like I have known them for years.

I realised very quickly that two sessions a week was not enough for me to get the results I wanted so I decided to upgrade my membership to three sessions a week. I discussed this with Dan and Ryan and with a bit of encouragement from Ryan, I also signed up for the Platinum Mastermind. This is when you get a one to one session with either Ryan or Dan that is specifically designed around the results you want to achieve.


My dad sadly passed away. To say I was devastated is an understatement. I struggled to come to terms with this and I am still struggling now really. 2015 had been the toughest year of my life but I still have a smile on my face and remain positive about my future and I owe all of that to Fitness Formation and the FF family.

Since joining Fitness Formation, I have lost 37lbs in weight bringing my total weight loss in a year to 49lbs. Without these guys, I would not have achieved that kind of loss. 

I would 100% recommend anyone to join. It will change your life for the better. It is the best investment I have ever made in myself.

I still have a way to go with my story, but for now, I am a work in  progress. My health has improved and my confidence has grown but my journey does not end here.

It’s really just beginning.

Louise Greenwood

Before I started FF, I was attending another gym three to four times a week and seeing not much improvement in myself and my fitness.

I went to classes and trained on the gym floor to which I wasn’t being pushed, so I tended not to push myself passed my limits.

I came to FF wanting to tone up, lose weight and improve my fitness. My first session was hard. I had never been pushed so much. However, I was amazed by how much I could actually do when I was pushed.

Two years have now passed by. I have seen a huge improvement in my fitness, I’ve challenged myself and I’ve completed Born Survivor twice. I’ve had the confidence and motivation to go out running and I even do workouts at home when I can’t attend sessions at the studio. My body shape has changed and I feel much fitter and healthier.

The boys are fantastic. The sessions are very creative and scarily enjoyable, though very challenging. You never know what you’re going to do at a session and you never leave not dripping with sweat having worked hard.

The atmosphere is energising and such a happy, friendly environment with everyone ready to help when they can.

If you need a kick up the bum and want to enjoy working out, then FF is the right place for you. The boys might push you and you may equally loathe them or love them at times, but when you start to see the results, you will go back asking for more!

The hardest step is walking through the door and once you’ve done that you continue to come back and have a new view on fitness and life.

Kathryn Harrison

After having my 4th child, I had lost faith that I would ever get my toned body back from before I had children. I had tried every gym and fad diet you could think of but I wasn’t getting any results. It was starting to feel like a waste of time. When I found Fitness Formation, I thought why not, so I gave it a go and it’s the best decision I have ever made.

I walked through the doors just under two years ago, a frumpy overweight mum of four with zero confidence. Now, I walk through the same doors four times a week a leaner, stronger and fitter mum of four with bags of confidence, and a huge smile on my face.

Kathryn Harrison - Success Story

Last year, I completed Born Survivor and this year I am running a half marathon. I wouldn’t of even anticipated doing this before I came to FF. My fitness has improved dramatically and I am confident I will do it, especially with all the support off our fellow members and the coaches.

I love every minute at FF and the amazing likeminded people that I train with. I have made some amazing friends and you can definitely not put a price on that.

FF is not just a gym. It’s a place that you get outstanding results but also have a laugh, meet awesome people and feel like you belong, and that is what makes Fitness Formation the amazing place that it is.

Ryan and Dan are by far the most professional coaches I have ever had. They are extremely knowledgeable and have the answers to all your questions and always give good advice when you need it.

Kathryn Harrison - Success Story

If you are wanting to lose some extra pounds, get fitter, stronger and have an awesome time whilst doing it, then come along and join us.

You will absolutely love it.

Denise Wrigley

I joined FF in January 2015 on the ’28 Day Challenge’. From the very first visit, I felt like I belonged. The other clients made me feel so welcome and the coaches really took an interest in helping me from the start.

By March, I had joined as a full member, signing up for one personal training session and three group training sessions per week. I had serious weight and health related issues to sort out and needed to get some strength and flexibility in my arm and shoulder following a previous skiing injury and a subsequent 4 operations.

With Ryan and Dan’s help, and the support from the clients (known as our FF familia), I have achieved all my goals in just one year!

Don’t ever worry that everyone will “look at me” because FF is just not like that. I have recommended FF to a few of my friends and they have loved it too. The support and fun you experience is like no other gym I’ve been to. Previous gym memberships have been abandoned within the first few months, due to my lack of motivation and impersonal surroundings. 

The sessions are always varied, so enjoyable you don’t notice the time and best of all, you will see the results very quickly.

Success Story - Denise Wrigley

As a female, I have had to learn to be patient as we usually want instant results, but steadily week by week, it does happen. I have lost three and a half stone and all my health related issues such as high blood pressure are all now resolved.

With hard work, discipline, and commitment from yourself, the coaches and clients are there for the extra support you might need. The fun we have outside the gym is optional, open to you if you want to partake (nights out, meals, cinema plus many running groups to the more adventurous taking on their own personal goals).

FF is truly a familia with amazing friends. I cannot speak highly enough of Ryan and Dan who are expert coaches, nothing is ever too much trouble for them.

My next goal is yet to be finalised, but 12 months ago I could not run round the block. I did a 10k run last May, did several more during the summer, continue to cycle as much as I  can and could not have done this without the support of FF.

The first step is usually the hardest so please do it, FF is the best. 

You will not regret it.

Sophie Reeve

I’ve only been at Fitness Formation for 12 weeks but since joining, I have really ramped up my motivation towards fitness. I have always been a self-motivated person in this department but it’s gone to a whole new level and I’m now much more focused on results. I’ve always had an ideal body in my head, but I’ve never quite gotten there. I feel I’m more firmly on the path towards this now and that it can be something I finally achieve.

I actually came to FF as a friend joined on the 6 week programme and I thought it sounded like something I should try as I’m always looking for new fitness regimes. I was in my first session before her and hit it hard from the off. My friend barely had time to go in the end, so it soon became my own thing.

I am completely addicted to FF. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone and everyone. I’ve got my husband signed up now too! Whereas in the past I would have had times when I couldn’t be bothered to exercise, I don’t have this with FF as the social side motivates me enormously.

A laugh is guaranteed every time and as soon as I get through the door, I have a great workout as the encouragement received makes me push myself.

I am someone who loves exercise and I personally need it for mind, body and soul. It’s my therapy and brings all manner of balance to my life. I used to follow a programme online but the difference between working out socially is amazing and something I hadn’t tried before. It’s so much more motivating and supportive. I was also really into running and I’ve been motivated to get this going again recently, inspired by the other FF members.

Client Of The Month - March

FF is worth every penny. It’s one of those things that you need to try it to understand the experience on offer. I can’t stress enough that there is no point thinking about it, you’re just wasting time.


Daniel and Ryan are fabulous. It’s great to have them both as their sessions are so different and I love them both in their own ways. I feel so supported and more motivated than ever with the right people to push me to where I want to be. As for the rest of the FF’ers, I feel like I’ve known them for year. They have very rapidly become some of my most treasured friends and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

The social side of life at FF is a huge bonus on top of all the above. I’ve been on nights out, walks and I love our breakfast mornings and these have become the highlight of my week. The only down side is that I get withdrawal symptoms when I can’t go.

It’s just too good to miss! I always need my FF fix.

Sam Harrison

I joined Fitness Formation when I got to the stage where I couldn’t bare to look at myself in the mirror anymore. I’d been asked to be bridesmaid for one of my oldest friends, and I was dreading it. I hated photos, hated having to make an ‘effort’ as all I ever saw was a fat mess and it got me so down. I needed to do something and fast.

I saw how well a good friend of mine had done, and decided to take the plunge. I took on the ’28 Day Challenge’. I’ve never exercised in my life, and am extremely anxious and paranoid and give in so easily, so this was a massive step for me.

My first session was a disaster. I couldn’t lunge, squat or lift any weights, but I never felt out of place. No one judged or me or made me feel useless, as I expected they would. There were no stares or looks of pity. I got the opposite. All the girls were so supportive and Dan, one of the coaches, was brilliant. He spent most of the session helping with my technique. These guys really know their stuff.

I couldn’t walk for days after, but something made me want to go back. It’s hard to put my finger on what it is, but the place is addictive. The boys are lovely, the other members are so friendly, I’ve made some friends for life, and the sessions are amazing. They vary from day to day and the boys are constantly coming up with new stuff. It’s always fun, and they will always push you to do the best you can.

I cannot recommend it enough. A few of my friends have joined after me, and love it too.

Success Story - Sam Harrison

Since joining, I have lost around 1.5 stone. It doesn’t seem much to me, but its made a massive difference. I have toned up quite a bit and have muscles in places that I never had before. I feel  amazing. I still have such a long was to go, and have so much I want to achieve and couldn’t think of a better place to do it.

Whenever I mention FF to friends, they all comment on price.  However, I can’t stress enough that you definitely get what you pay for. It’s worth every penny.

My lifestyle has changed massively in the last 8 months. I consistently attend 3 sessions, I’ve started running (I never thought those words would come out of my mouth). I try and eat clean the majority of the time. I feel a lot fitter than I did this time last year, and I’m enjoying every minute. I have signed up for Born Survivor with a little encouragement from members, which again, is something I would never have dreamed of last year.

All the members are very supportive, as are Ryan, Dan and Heather. Its like a small community, or  ‘the  FF familia’ as it’s called. Everybody not only knows each other by name, but knows your story and your journey, too. They’re friends, and you can guarantee that everyone in there has the same passion and drive. You don’t get that in a corporate gym.

I really couldn’t imagine my life without it now.

Natasha Baron

I joined Fitness Formation on a whim. I saw an advert for a ‘6 Week Transformation’ that guaranteed my money back, if I didn’t see a result. I was 33, and after years of smoking and the only exercise I took was dodging responsibilities and pushing my luck, I thought if I didn’t start now I never would.

It was quite daunting walking in for the first time and meeting Ryan. He soon put me at ease. He actually seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say and even though it was busy he took the time not only to talk to me, but listen as well.

My first session was boxing. I’ve never had much upper body strength, so I thought this would be a good place to start. The session was more fun and less work than I actually thought it would be. I was very surprised at this. Exercise isn’t supposed to be fun. It’s hard, sweaty work. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly, not to mention helpful to the newbie. Especially the poor sod who got stuck with me holding their pads.

After my first six weeks, I had to concede defeat and realise I was not going to get my money back. After my initial trial period, I took the plunge and signed up for a year’s membership. At Fitness Formation, you get what you pay for. Here’s an example of why FF is worth the money.

Years ago, I joined a gym. I had the best of intentions and went religiously for 2 weeks, then got bored and stopped going. The remaining 11 months was spent trying to get out of having to pay my membership fee. Unfortunately, I never managed to do that. For 11 months, I was paying for something I was not using. In all that time, no-one from the gym contacted me or tried to find out why I wasn’t going. My membership fee was being paid, so no one cared.

The reason Fitness Formation is different, is as follows. In my spare time, I’m an Army Cadet Instructor. We get to dress up in uniform and shout at small children. It’s really good fun! Anyway, I was going away to annual camp and would be gone for ten days. I told Ryan before I went that I wouldn’t be in for a week and a bit due to camp. 

Success Story - Taz Baron

Three days into camp, and I get a message from Ryan asking me if I was OK, as he hadn’t seen me in the gym for three days. It’s important to remember that the gym is shut on a Sunday. I replied that a) I was fine just away with cadets, and b) I did tell him I wouldn’t be in.

Now as you’re sat reading this and wondering why the hell this would make you sign up for an  expensive gym membership, then read carefully. I was only gone for three days, and the owner himself contacted me to check I was ok! In the 11 months at the other gym, no one bothered. Not once in all that time!

Fitness Formation is not cheap. Nor does it have all the fancy equipment that all the large chain gyms have. What it does have that the other cheaper gyms don’t have, is a more personal approach.

When you join, you’re not joining a gym. You’re joining a family. The team will all know your name. They will actually give a damn about you and your results. The team all have your best interest at heart, even if it doesn’t feel that way sometimes (getting Ryan for a PT is never fun but he’s only horrible because he wants to see you get the results you want. Well that’s his excuse anyway). The on-line support group is great for recipe ideas, motivation, banter and encouragement.

In my almost year long membership, I have seen a difference in myself and my health and fitness. If you sign up, you get unwavering support from the coaches and the members. You will be a person, and not just a number on a spread sheet. They will actually care that you get results, not just that your membership payments are up to date.

This is the only gym that I’ve signed up to and actually kept coming to!

You’ll find, you will too.

Joanne Berry

In August 2013, I was due to turn 40. After a horrendous start to the year in which my husband had been made redundant,I did what I did best and ate my way out of the situation resulting in putting on 2.5 stone over a 6 month period, which left me fat at 40 (which was really not what I wanted to be).

On the evening of my party, one of my friends was telling me that she had signed up at a new gym, and I remember asking her to let me know what it was like. About 6 week’s later I met up with the same friend, took one look at her and said “Where have you gone?” 

She literally looked like a completely different person, and I remember saying that I needed to go to this place.  She told me that the gym was rolling out another programme at the end of October. I paid my money and signed up for 4 week’s. That was October 2013 and I am still here, and enjoying every session.

My first session was hard. Nothing like I had ever done before, and I remember being extremely nervous. Halfway through my first session, I remember thinking that I really didn’t like it. I felt that it wasn’t really for me, and I was going to ask for my money back. 

However, later that night I knew I had joined for a reason and I was going to stick it out and get my monies worth.  I went back and absolutely loved it! I knew after a couple of sessions that I was going to sign up after my four week trial was up, and that was just the beginning of my journey. 

When I joined, I weighed just over 13 stone and could only really wear stretchy, elasticated jeggings. I was squeezing myself into size 14 trousers but really should have been wearing a size 16. My diet was healthy(ish). I knew that I overate and snacked in-between meals on biscuits and chocolate.  I knew that something had to change.

I didn’t like the way that I felt in my clothes and had decided enough was enough.  My goal when I started was to fit back into my size 12 clothes that were just sat in my wardrobe. I religiously stuck to my three sessions each week and by the time I went on holiday at the end of May 2014, I had dropped to 9 stone 10 pounds and was wearing a size 10.  I had surpassed my goal and obviously this meant that I had to buy lots of new clothes as the one’s in my wardrobe were now too big!

Success Story - Joanne Berry

I have managed to maintain this weight since then, and my new aim is to improve my level of fitness for life. This not only benefits me, but benefits my family, and in particular my two children.

The coaches at Fitness Formation are extremely conscientious. They go above and beyond any other coaches that I’ve known from previous gyms. They watch to ensure that you are lifting correctly and demonstrate, so that you know you are doing the exercises safely. 

Every session is planned beforehand and each session is varied, which is fantastic.  The coaches have a lot of combined knowledge of fitness and nutrition between them, which has been particularly useful to me this last year.   

Nutritionally I have learnt a lot, and they are there to offer advice with regards to this and to run alongside your exercise programme, especially if your goal is to lose weight. 

During my time at Fitness Formation, I have taken part in three Born Survivor 10km obstacle races as a team with other Fitness Formation members. Something I would never really have dreamed that I could do and complete, but actually loved doing.   

I personally wouldn’t go anywhere else now. I still look forward to going to all of my sessions and it never feels like working out is an effort or a chore.  I’ve been a member of other gyms in the past and have given up after short periods of time because I’ve got bored.  I’ve done various aerobics and Zumba classes in the, past but I’ve never had results like this before. Everyone is so nice, it’s so friendly and the best thing is that you have a laugh, whilst working out. 

If you are thinking about getting fit or changing your lifestyle this really is the best place . Give it a try. 

I feel that it has changed my life and it could change yours.

Yashmin Essa

For the past three years, I had been off work due to being a full time parent. People may say they love it, but I hated it. It brought me to a deep depression, and caused me to have panic attacks, and anxiety issues.

This was all caused because I no longer had any interactions with adults and my children drove me insane. This caused me to binge eat.

I have been super skinny my whole life, until my second child. I just couldn’t drop the baby weight. I also started to tell my husband ‘I’m going to let myself go’. It got to the point where I didn’t care about myself, or my self worth.

One day my husband pointed out to me a promo at a gym, which he thought I might enjoy. Now, I had never stepped foot into a gym my whole life, so why start now?

It was this negativity that made me think I needed to change this attitude.

My first session at Fitness Formation was nothing like I had imagined. The music was pumping, the coach was loud, and most importantly, the people were inviting.

I finished my 6 week promo, but did I really want to stay at a gym? No.

Yashmin Essa - Success Story

A few months went by, and I joined a basic gym. I did a three month membership, and from that I only went two out of the three months. I only worked out if I felt like it. I didn’t even sweat. I knew what I wanted.

It was to join FF, again.

A friend of mine had joined FF because I had told her about my experience, and now I was jealous that she was living it. She pushed me to rejoin. This was one of the best decisions I ever made. I joined on a six month contract, and absolutely loved the sweat, tears and drama that came with it. Loved the coaches, loved the people, loved the atmosphere, but most importantly, I began to love myself.

I started taking better care of myself. I wanted to keep myself healthy and fit. I started enjoying life, and a life with my kids.

I now have a new perspective on life. I love how FF makes me feel so empowered, and how I am driven to achieve my goals. I may not want to have a six pack like a model, but I can now say I have incredible legs, and lean arms. I’m still working on my belly, but hey, I still love my ice cream.

After my contract finished again, I renewed for another year. I feel that I have invested not just in a gym, but myself and my future.

I am so grateful for the friends I have made, and for the decision I made for joining. 

Sam Hicks

Joining FF in May 2014 has been nothing short of life changing. I rarely work less than a 50 hour week and prior to FF, I would have never believed I had time for the gym given my busy – by – choice lifestyle. Having said that, attending sessions are now an integral part of my life, and I make sure that I make time. I don’t know how I ever maintained my sanity without it!

FF is more than just a gym. OK, so I’m sure a lot of other establishments also use that tagline as a marketing slogan, but FF really lives up to that statement. But you won’t truly believe it, until you are a part of it.

The coaches are amazing. They know your name. They know your strengths. They know your weaknesses, but also take time to get to know you personally, and they really care.

At FF, they promote positivity, kindness, and encouragement from coaches and clients alike. (I will come onto the crazy clients shortly.) Bad attitudes and self absorbed gym bunnies are not what FF is about. If you fit into either category, FF is not for you.

Initially, I was somewhat taken aback by the cost, but when you calculate the cost by session against the cost of a gym you would pay monthly membership for and never attend, the maths really isn’t as scary as you may think. Believe me, you will get your money’s worth!

Sam Hicks - Success Story

These sessions, teamed with a private support and accountability group, all create a unique gym experience, which offers a huge wealth of knowledge, motivation and fun,  from both the coaches, and other clients.

FF is not your stereotypical gym. You wont be left alone on a cross trainer or a treadmill (because they don’t have either) to achieve next to nothing. You will be in a group of lovely (if not a little crazy) like minded individuals and an awesome coach, all who want you to succeed, because failure is not an option. You will be worked hard, on occasion to within an inch of your life, but all at a pace which is right for you.

If time would allow it, I would be at FF five days per week.

Since starting at FF, I have lost over 10Kg. 1/6 of my starting bodyweight. I couldn’t do one full press up and cringed at the thought of running for a bus. Last year, I took part in 10 obstacle races because I consider this the best way to spend a Saturday morning. Oh, how I have changed!

I would recommend FF to anyone. It’s not a gym, it’s a lifestyle choice… and a flipping awesome one at that.

Suzanne Jackson

When joining FF in 2014, I initially signed up for the ’28 Day Challenge’. Once that was complete, I then joined for six months, doing three sessions per week.

My reason for signing up in the first place wasn’t to lose weight, although don’t get me wrong, this was an added bonus! I’ve always enjoyed exercise and have done other exercise classes in the past, but found that not many gyms in the area have such a flexible schedule offering sessions at 7-8pm at night, which is when I’m able to get in.

The ’28 Day Challenge’ was tough but great. I worked much harder than I’ve worked in other classes at other gyms and that was, and still is, down to the expertise of the coaches Dan, and Ryan. They quickly get to know your capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses and are able push, and motivate you when you need it.

I saw results within the initial 28 days, feeling more toned, losing inches and generally feeling healthy, happy, and in control of my fitness.

Being totally honest, I signed up for six months and not twelve months, as I always take time to settle into places and really find out if it’s right for me.

Well, it didn’t take six months. It took less than a month for me to really feel part of something a bit special, and very different. Everyone at FF has a very similar mindset. They are motivated and positive. They want to be there and they want to train, which is often not the case at other gyms I have been a member of.

When you walk through the door at FF, there is alway a warm welcome. For me the, the support you get from other members is extraordinary, whether that be during a session or when your sat at home on the sofa at the weekend about to stuff your face with a pizza and Ben & Jerrys!

Suzanne Jackson - Success Story

FF use social media expertly well to keep members motivated and accountable to themselves, and each other. I have found this a brilliant motivational tool and many times after a bad day at work, or when i’m stressed out with the kids at home. I see a status from the coaches or another member that picks me up and gives me that little shove to get my trainers on, and get down to the gym.

When it comes to getting results the coaches know their stuff, and can get you where you want to be. It’s not just about the training. It’s about the whole package. Nutrition obviously plays a massive role in fitness and the coaches have given me the information and the tools I need to keep track of this, and improve my overall health and fitness.

They also have a way of continuously making you push yourself and achieve things you never thought you could do. This was definitely the case with me when they convinced me I could take on the 10km Born Survivor military assault course.

Before joining FF, I would never have had the confidence to take on something like this, but because I was doing it as part of the FF team, I decided to give it a go. Best. Decision. Ever. I loved it, and as promised, the support and teamwork got me through it.

When my six month membership came to and end it was a no brainer to sign up for another twelve months straight away, and I will be a member for life or as long as they’ll have me!

I choose FF because for me it’s not just about the exercise, it’s about the whole package. It’s the three times a week when I get some me time with people who are kind, motivated, very funny and at times slightly bonkers!

I trust the coaches to push me to my limits safe in the knowledge that they know exactly where my limits are and I’m not just another member.

I’m Sue, and I’m part of the #fitnessformationfamilia.