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I was feeling very unmotivated and sluggish over the last couple of years. I have always played team sports and enjoyed running but struggled to get a routine going that would actually make a difference.

My friend, Anna Kirkbride, persuaded me to come along to Fitness Formation for a taster session and after a really welcoming call from Heather, I was very encouraged.

FF is such a unique gym. It is really friendly and a really good laugh, too. Most gyms can be intimidating and isolating. The coaches push everyone to really commit to their training and get results. I certainly felt it after just a couple of weeks

One of the best things about Fitness Formation is the introduction to resistance and team training in a welcoming and encouraging environment. The programmes are addictive and they really work. The coaches definitely know their stuff and the other clients are there for you, too.

I am now committed to devoting time to myself to work out in a structured manner just as FF has introduced me to.I feel more energised and motivated than ever.

I have always run and played team sports but since my Mum passed away in 2013 (I did my third half-marathon to raise funds for Macmillan in her memory). Since this half marathon, I struggled to enjoy running for some reason but felt increasingly depressed for allowing my fitness to slide. 

FF re-ignited the passion back into my veins and for that, I thank the whole team there.

Jill McGhie

I joined FF after seeing a month trial offer on Facebook and I will admit I was a tad dubious about the results it promised and scared of what I’d signed up too. However, I was instantly welcomed by all the members and felt like I would be gaining a group of friends as well as a hot new bod. Apart from the warning to watch out for the scary brother (they weren’t lying), I was excited to start.

Walking into the first session was a terrifying gym experience and as they all boxed the life out of each other, I wondered whether I’d be taking my coat off, but as the previous session ended I was welcomed with a lot of hello’s & smiles, so I decided to stay. The coat came off and I actually enjoyed a workout for the first time ever.

I did three to four sessions a week throughout the month and I was wrong to be dubious. If you’re looking to get fit, have fun and are not bothered about getting a less than flattering nickname, I’d say go for it. You won’t be sorry.

I am not a gym bunny by any stretch (I’d go more with couch potato), but for me to want to actually go and work out is a huge achievement, so well done boys. You’re fab.

Ashleigh Gibbins

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