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Born Survivor – How the hell do you survive the course?

As the big day looms and is only round the corner, it will be here before you know it.

It will be here in exactly:


Daniel Donohue, Fitness Formation’s General Manager and head coach has written out a basic training programme here for you to follow.

If you need any help – please comment below and Dan can assist you with anything you may need.


Circuit 1

Time (Minutes) Exercise Description
5 Warm up The aim of the warm up is to ready your body for exercise, mobilise your joints, and prepare you for the challenge ahead. Use any form of light cardio exercise to raise the pulse, and include 10 to 12 reps of 4 to 5 dynamic flexibility exercises.
1 Squats Stand with your feet hip distance apart. Engage your core muscles by drawing your navel towards your spine. Sit back as you lower to the floor, as if to sit down. Lower as far as you can go whilst maintaining good posture. Your spine should maintain neutral alignment, and your knees should track in line with your toes, and not over them. Centre your weight through your heels as you lower, and return to the top.
2 Mountain Climbers Get into a press up position. Drive your knees alternately up towards your chest, whilst maintaining good form and posture. Keep the upper body as still as possible throughout the exercise. Add a towel under each foot for an extra challenge. The intensity climbs fast!
1 Lunges Stand upright. Step forward and plant your foot. Drop the back knee until your legs are at a 90% angle. Push back to the start position through the heel. Repeat on the other leg. Hold dumbbells by your side to increase the resistance against the legs to up the intensity.
2 Burpees Start in the squat position. Kick your feet out to the rear landing on your toes whilst maintaining a good posture. Return to the start position immediately. Jump as high as possible from the squat position. Repeat. After the initial conditioning phase perform a press up to increase the intensity. You never know. It might come in handy!
1 Press Ups Ensure your shoulders are directly over the elbows. Engage your core. Lower yourself toward the ground taking the chest down and not the head. You’re not a chicken! Return to the top. Perform them on your knees to start with, if needed.
2 Jumpin Jacks Stand with your feet hip distance apart, and with your arms down by your side. With a jump, take your feet out, and raise your arms above your head. Immediately return to the start position, and repeat.
1 Rest You’ve earn’t it. And then repeat 2-4 more times.
5 Cool Down & Stretch Follow points below



Circuit 2

Time (Minutes) Exercise Description
2 Shuttles Place a marker 20 metres away. Sprint out to the marker and back. Repeat for the time period stated. Alternatively, sprint one way and jog back the other.
1 Gecko In a press up position lower and bring your left knee toward your left elbow. Return to the top whilst taking the leg back to the start position. Repeat on opposite side. Do the exercise on your knees, if you need to.
2 Ski Jumps Start in the standing position. On the left leg, jump laterally to the right and land on the right leg. Repeat by jumping to the left, and landing on the left leg. Control the jumps.
1 Walking Pike Prepare to crawl under that net! With your legs straight and your hands on the floor, walk your hands forward as far as possible, and then the legs, whilst keeping the legs straight. Repeat for time.
2 Shuttles As above
1 Inverted Pull Up Find a horizontal bar. Try the local park. Place your hands shoulder width apart. With your feet flat on the floor, and your core engaged, pull yourself up until your chest touches the bar. Lower to the start position. Alternatively, use a TRX.
2 Squat Jumps Lower into a squat position. Push up through the heels into a jump. Ensure you land softly, with a slight bend in the knees on landing. Alternatively, perform squat jumps with a 180% turn.
1 Rest Rest. Then repeat it. 2-4 more times.
5 Cool Down &Stretch Follow points below



Circuit 3

Time (in minutes) Exercise Description
1 Squat & Press Hold an object into your chest. A barbell/small person/rock. Squat as deep as you can whilst maintaining neutral spine alignment. Push up through the heels and press the object above your head as you return to the top of the movement.
2 Burpees Start in the squat position. Kick your feet out to the rear landing on your toes whilst maintaining a good posture. Return to the start position immediately. Jump as high as possible from the squat position. Repeat. After the initial phase of conditioning perform a press up to increase the intensity. You never know. It might come in handy!
1 Kettle Bell Swings Stand with the feet hip width apart and hold the kettle bell between your legs. Swing the kettle bell upward whilst thrusting the hips forward. Allow the kettle bell to swing back down, and when it returns between the legs, snap the kettle bell back and upwards in an arc.
2 3 Point Squat Thrust Get into a press up position. Thrust the legs towards the chest, and return. Land softly on the toes. On the next movement, kick the legs to the left. Then on the next movement kick them out to the right whilst maintaining your posture. And so on!
1 Pull Ups Hang from a bar. In the gym, or a park. Not a pub! With your hands shoulder width apart, pull your body upwards so your chin is above the bar. Return with control to the bottom.
2 Star Jumps Stand with your feet a little bit less than shoulder width apart. Squat down and touch your toes. Explode upwards into a jump and make a star shape in the air with your arms and legs. Land softly and repeat.
1 Plyometric Press Up Get into a press up position. Perform the movement, but push upward at the top, so that the hands come off the ground. Clap your hands. If you can!
1 Rest You deserve this rest period. But give us 2 to 4 more rounds.
5 Cool Down & Stretch Lower that heart rate, and get that breathing under control! Ensure that you stretch. It is vitally important for our recovery from the session, and decreases the chance of injury, whilst also returning our muscles back to their resting length. Hold each stretch for10 – 15 seconds, and repeat if necessary.



Cardio Plan

Week Frequency Intensity Time Type
1 2 x Per Week RPE: 5 – 8 20 – 30 min(s) Run / Walk
2 2 x Per Week RPE: 5- 8 20 – 30 min(s) * Walk 1:00 Run 2:00
3 2 x Per Week RPE: 5 – 8 N / A 2 miles
4 2 x Per Week RPE: 5 – 8 N / A 2 – 3 miles
5 2 x Per Week RPE: 5 – 9 30 min(s) * Walk 1:30 Run 3:00
6 2 x Per Week RPE: 5 – 8 N / A 2 – 3 miles
7 2 x Per Week RPE: 5 – 9 N / A 3 – 4 miles
8 2 x Per Week RPE: 5 – 9 30 – 45 min(s) * Walk 2:00 Run 4:00
9 1 x Per Week RPE: 5 – 7 N / A 4 – 5 miles
10 1x Per Week RPE: 5 – 8 N / A 5 – 6 miles
11 Rest Week RPE: 0 N /A Born Survivor



Circuit Training Notes

The circuits are high intensity, and each is of a differing level of competence, difficulty, and intensity. They are designed to enable you to tackle, and beat any specific obstacle that you come across on the Born Survivor course, and to give you a full body workout.

It is recommended that you complete the circuits 2 to 3 times per week, in addition to your cardio training. Start at a level that is based on your current level of fitness, and work up as you progress through the weeks of training.

Increase or decrease your rest period, dependent on fitness level.

You can swap the time of exercise between the cardio, and strength exercises increasing, or decreasing the intensity at your discretion.


Cardio Training Notes

The run/walk method is recommended, if you are new to running.

*Denotes working on your speed during these workouts using intervals (periods of active recovery/high intensity).

RPE: Rate of perceived exertion (how hard you are working) 1 = Easy / 10 = Exhaustion

Remember to include rest days in your schedule. Rest is important to avoid injury, and facilitate recovery.


Click here to download the training programme as a pdf file, for easy viewing offline:

Born Survivor Training Programme


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