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In an earlier blog, we had the 12 ways to avoid over-doing it this Christmas. This blog will give you ways to ensure that you stay as active as possible, now time is on the short side.

At this time of the year, your calendar is filled with social events, family get-together’s, the kids pantomime, shopping, and preparing for the arrival of the big red man, so your time is incredibly precious. That said, there is still time to stay fit, and to stay active, and time to think about your ‘vision’. 

Here are a few ideas of how to do that when you’re against the clock at this time of the year:

1 . Missed your training session or gym class? Think about some of the workouts you may have done before that you can do at home. You will have an abundance of exercises in your head from all the classes or workouts you’ve done, or you’ve attended. Use them, and put them together into a 20-minute workout at home.

2. We don’t even have to get off the sofa to do our shopping anymore. Hit the high street, instead of the internet. Burn calories pounding the streets looking for uncle Bob’s novelty socks. It’s more fun, and more within the spirit of Christmas.

Blog Title - Fitness At Christmas

3. Back to number 1. Keep it high intensity. Put a festive playlist together to keep your spirits up. All together now ‘All I want for Christmas is you, ooh, ooh’.

4. Stick to the plan – Avoid diverging from your routine. If you’re an early bird, stick to it. Night owl? Stick to it. Forward planning at Christmas shouldn’t just relate to the cooking time of the bird.

5. Commitment – Regardless of the time of the year, make a commitment to the above point. Keep your fitness going. Remember, prior planning prevents poor performance. You are just as important as Christmas. January will then be a breeze.

6. Home alone – Training alone? Away from the gym? Think quality over quantity. Technique, form, and posture. All the words you should hear your coach, trainer or instructor relentlessly saying over and over again. Make your workouts count. Where ever you are in the world. 

There you go. A few idea’s to stay active and healthy this season. With these, January will be easy. 

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