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Tis nearly the season to be jolly. We should be jolly, we should relax, and we should enjoy it. That said, we need to do so with a little bit of caution.

Christmas is the time of the year when ‘self-sabotage’ becomes a big factor in the battle you may well have to fight in January and you could undo the tremendous work you have put in to get where you are now. Many of the things that we indulge in over the festive period have hidden calories that many of us are unaware of, so here is a few tips on how to avoid these pitfalls:

The famous red cup is back, and with that, our most indulgent yuletide drinks. Many of our favourite festive drinks have many hidden calories, so try swapping some of the Christmas staples like mulled wine for a white wine, and lay off the syrups in your coffee. Instead, opt for festive flavoured coffee beans. A large festive hot chocolate can contain a staggering 630 calories!

The sheer volume of food available to us over this period means that we have the mindset of trying everything that we see. Doing so can lead to you over consuming an average of 400 calories over your RDA. Fruit cake and Christmas pudding are high in calories. They have little fibre meaning you have to eat more to feel full. Try to make smart choices, and limit what you try.

Blog Title - Christmas Pitfalls

On average, people will gain around 3lbs in weight over the fortnight or so that we really immerse ourselves in the Christmas period, but this is often linked to the phycological factor of the sight, and the smell of food triggering our mental responses to hunger. Try to keep yourself occupied, or leave the room, if you feel the urge to consume extra calories in-between meals.  

Lay off the sweet temptations. You’ll consume so many extra calories that you’ll lose sight and count of how much you’ve really eaten. Swap them for better options such as seasonal fruit, or chocolate at the darker end of the spectrum. When you’re going for the dips, go for the better choices such as hummus, or fat-free greek yoghurt. Better still, leave the dips, and chomp on the veggies only. 

Enjoy yourself this holiday season, but be wary of the pitfalls of over consumption of hidden calories.

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