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Sometimes in life, you have to relent. As much as it pains you to do so, it’s good to be kind. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. It hits you right in the feelies.


Makes you want to vomit. Violently.

Over the last nine months, we’ve rewarded one of our extended family with an award for a whole multitude of reasons. They’re awesome. They’ve crushed it. They make us laugh. At them!

On this, the tenth month, we have awarded one of our many foreigners with the honour. As we stated above, sometimes you just have to be kind for the sake of kindness. This person has thrown a volley of abuse at us every month for the last nine months after not being given this award. In all honesty, we didn’t take any of it to heart because we couldn’t understand a word of what she said.

Without further ado, this months award goes to….

Theresa Walsh.

Blog Title - COTM (November)

Disclaimer: All the above is light-hearted banter.

Theresa has been with us for the last three and a half years and in that time has been one of our most consistent members. She’s as much a part of the FF fabric as Irn-Bru and Buckfast are in her homeland.

Theresa always lights up the room when she’s in for sessions with her humour and laughter and always offers stead-fast support to any FF member at any time they need it.

Her years of experience in fitness shows every time she’s working out (she used to be an instructor, you know) with solid technique and solid knowledge of what it takes to get results.

Congrats on your award Theresa and as always fully deserved.

Now go celebrate with some haggis and a deep-fried Mars Bar.

Check out Theresa’s winner’s video below (subtitles/morse code needed) and be sure to leave her a comment at the bottom of the blog to give her some #bants, or some love.

Well done Mrs X

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