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Two months ago, our awesome ladies made it seven out of seven. Seven months, seven female winners in a row, or ‘The Magnificent Seven’ as they became known. Last month, the boys broke the trend as Adam took the baton for the males, but in true comeback style, the girls now become ‘The Hateful Eight’.


Our brand, spanking, new ‘Client of the Month’ for October is….

Leanne Johnson

Leanne has been with us for two years losing over three stone in the process. She has become an integral part of Fitness Formation over the last couple of years and has been killing it in sessions over the first couple of months of Autumn.

Blog Title - COTM (October)

Whether it’s making people laugh, crushing sessions or beating Ryan to within an inch of his life, she’s just straight up awesome.

As with all our previous winners, Leanne is fully deserved of the award and had the unanimous backing of all the team to take home the bacon this month.


We have two months of the year left to go. Can the men pull their fingers out of their arses next month (joke), or will the women do it again?

Take a look at Leanne’s winners video below, and be sure to leave her a few words in the comments section below to tell her how amazeballs she is.


Well done Mrs. Super proud of ya. X

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