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I am a mum of 2 young children, I’ve always been a size 12 to 14 and had all the usual insecurities about my ‘wobbly bits’ that bearing children can leave you with. I had slipped into the lifestyle trap of lazy evenings on the sofa watching TV and eating junk. I had basically resigned myself to the fact that this is how my body was going to look from now on.

I had tried fad diets and a variety of exercise methods but only ever managed to lose a few pounds which I would then gain after the novelty of dieting and exercise wore off.

I started at Fitness Formation in April 2014 on a ’28 Day Transformation Program’. If I’m honest, I was very reluctant at first as I believed this would be like all my other past gym experiences. I’d get bored, waste money and go back to my sofa to comfort eat.

How wrong I was!

My first week at FF was tough. No pain, no gain, but with all the positive encouragement and guidance it got easier every week. My stamina improved, I felt stronger and most importantly to me, my wobbly bits stopped wobbling. The boys gave excellent instruction on nutrition in order for me to formulate a realistic diet plan without starving myself living on lettuce leaves! 

In the space of a few months, I lost a stone in weight and I was into size 10 clothes. I feel lean (further improvement still to be made), but most importantly to me, the weight is staying off and I feel the fittest I ever have.

Success Story - Emma Lucas

FF is in a league of its own. There’s no egos, no mirrors and no pumped up posers in lycra, just real people with real goals. It has a fun and positive environment with a real sense of ‘Family’.

Primarily the boys are what make FF the amazing place it is. Their enthusiastic commitment and extensive knowledge provide the perfect foundations for a professional and safe environment to train in. They help you set individual targets and will push you to your own personal limits to ensure you achieve them. Ryan and Dan are constantly available to guide and inspire us and the bonus is that they are two of the most charismatic men I have ever met!

The timetable they provide is varied and all the sessions are creative and challenging but always bloody good fun. I’ve never been to a session yet that hasn’t had me working hard yet laughing at the same time.

The FF community is the best. An amalgamation of crazy, beautiful people, different personalities but all with similar aspirations. FF members are always ready to motivate and support each other and provide a good network of buddies to encourage you on your pathway to success. Without a doubt, lifelong friendships are made.

I would recommend FF to anyone regardless of age, ability or fitness level. No matter what your objective is you can be assured that the boys at FF will help you take action and achieve it in a caring, professional and fun atmosphere.

I love every aspect of it. Walking through their door was the best decision I have ever made.

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