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On September 9th 2017, the Fitness Formation Born Heroes will ride out for one final time.

Here’s what a couple of people had to say about their experience of being part of last year’s team….

I always thought it was a real chore trying to get a bit fitter but I couldn’t have been more wrong after being part of Fitness Formation’s Born Heroes. Daniel and Ryan were so motivating, making each training week very varied and such a good laugh .

I’m feeling much stronger and healthier now and a lot of that is down to all the guys at Fitness Formation. 

Thank you boys.

Linda Harrison

Blog Title - Born Heroes

My friend, Emma, asked me to go with her in preparation for doing Born Survivor. I must say I was feeling very nervous turning up and exercising alongside other people who were already members of Fitness Formation.

I went to the first one with Emma and I took along my son. I thought I would only go to a couple, but I went to every session. I didn’t miss one and trained in all weathers.

I had the best time ever. I didn’t feel out of place. It was hard work but I laughed so much. Everybody was so friendly and welcoming. Both my son and I began to look forward to our Sunday morning boot camp.

I took my other son one Sunday and he was made to feel welcome and he also joined in. Another Sunday I had to take my girls, too young to join in but they had a great time running around and listening to all the goings on.

Ryan, Daniel, Ben, and Heather make Fitness Formation the great place it is. I enjoyed myself so much at boot camp that I have now joined and am now a member of Fitness Formation.

Julie Moore

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