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Keep it simple stupid. K.I.S.S. Trying to keep exercise, and nutrition simple can seem daunting in a market saturated by overcomplicated methods. This can sometimes be enough to put people off before they’ve even started. When it come to our fitness there are three components that generally make up our routine, or plan. Strength training, cardio, and stretching/flexibility.

Strength training is dependent on goal setting and is critical for results. It can still be kept to basic exercises with basic equipment that you could perform in a small area. Think of the bigger movements that involve most of the major muscle groups. Exercises like the squat, deadlift, lunge, and pull up. Keep it even simpler with body weight training exercises like press ups, crunches, and dips along with some of the exercises above.

When it comes to aerobic training, again, keep it as simple. Sometimes all we need is a pair of trainers, and the great outdoors. Keep it moderate in intensity at first, until you build your fitness. If you’re using gym equipment, use machines that are going to benefit your program, and choose ones that will give you the best chance of achieving your vision.

Another basic component that can be done anywhere at any time is stretching. Stretching should not be overlooked in any program, and people should understand the importance of a good stretching, and flexibility routine.

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Ensure that you stretch all of the muscle groups used during your workout. Perform static stretching at the end of your training, and dynamic flexibility at the beginning to mobilize the various joints and muscles, and ready the body for exercise.

Keep your nutrition simple. You need to initiate lifestyle changes rather than drastically change your nutrition. The choices you make can usually relate straight back to your nutrition, as more often than not, we do so based on our current mindset. Our mindset can often be linked back to our nutrition, and the poor choices we make leading to a lack of nutrients in order to function optimally.

You need to plan in order to succeed with changing your eating habits. Consider your environment. If you’ve got poor food options at home, you’re likely to eat that after a bad day. Get rid of it.

Finally, track and measure this just as you do your exercise. It’s vital to you adopting good habits and making positive lifestyle choices.

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