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I started going to the gym last summer after my wife, who had been going already for about 6 months, bought me a trial membership as a gift. As a forty-two-year-old bloke who hadn’t really done any exercise for about 6 years since the kids came along, I was out of shape, overweight and found the first few sessions really tough. On top of this, I had been having real problems with my shoulder for which I had a cortisol injection to try and sort it out not long before I joined.

By the end of my trial, I was hooked. Fitness Formation is an excellent gym. From day one I was made to feel really welcome which is a real achievement as I am not always great or comfortable in new social situations. Now I feel really at home.

My first few workouts were tough but the support from the coaches and other members helped me get through. Ryan, Dan and Ben were great at giving advice and alternative exercises when my shoulder was struggling and quickly I began to see improvements.

Seven months later I am now working out around 7-10 hours a week often doing double sessions at the gym and am in much better shape. I have shifted about half a stone in weight but lost a lot more than that in fat (about 3” off my waist) and I have gained a decent amount of muscle. The variety of sessions at the gym really helps from boxing conditioning, through weightlifting to group training and core conditioning provides a good balance of strength training and cardio.

Peter Ward - Success Story

Back in December, I ended up having to take a little time off work due to stress and it was at this time that it I really came to appreciate the psychological benefits of working out. I booked myself into a session almost every morning to give myself a reason to get up and moving. During this time the gym helped a lot. I didn’t make a big deal of what I was going through but the exercise, hard work and the company really helped me get back to myself.

So I have come a long way in 7 months and it is a journey I am still working on. I have goals that I am working towards and I am confident that I will reach them. Is everything I have achieved all due to the folks at Fitness Formation? Well, no, the gym isn’t a magic fix for your life. It takes hard work and I have been putting in the hours of work pretty consistently.

That said without the support, advice, encouragement and knowledge that I have gained from the many hours that the team there have also put into helping me I know that I would not have made it this far.

So give it a try, I am sure that you will find that with the drive and support you will gain, you will get so much further than you could on your own.

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