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Eating in this weekend and struggling for ideas? Then this is a great idea for a carb rich, protein packed meal for four.


500g chicken thighs (skinless, boneless)

1 tbsp cajun seasoning

100g quinoa

600ml hot chicken stock

100g mango (peeled and cut into chunks)

1 tbsp olive oil

400g tin chickpeas (rinsed and drained)

2 red onions (thickly sliced)

1 pepper (thickly sliced)

1 bunch spring onions (chopped)

Small bunch coriander (finely chopped)

Recipe - Quinoa


1. Rinse quinoa and dry fry in non-stick pan until toasted. Will take 10-15 mins and will need to stir and break it up regularly.

2. Meanwhile cut chicken thighs into bite-sized pieces and toss through cajun seasoning. Place in baking dish and cook in oven on 180c (160 fan), 350f, gas mark 4 for 20-25 mins. May need to stir occasionally.

3. Next in a large saucepan cook quinoa over a high heat in the chicken stock for 15 mins. Stir occasionally so does not stick to base of the saucepan.

4. In a large non-stick frying pan stir-fry red onions, spring onions and pepper over a high heat in olive oil until soft. About five mins. You may wish to add small splashes of water if the stir-fry dries out and starts to catch.

5. Add chickpeas and mango to quinoa. Stir in, lower heat and continue to cook for 2-3 mins. Then stir in onion and pepper mix. Cook for a further 1-2 mins.

6. Finally, stir in half the chopped coriander and spoon the cajun chicken quinoa into a serving dish. Sprinkle over the remaining coriander and serve immediately.

7. Adjustments for a lower fat and lower calorie dish use skinless chicken breast and cook onions and peppers. For a spicier dish use an extra tbsp of cajun spices or add some fresh chopped chillies when cooking the onions and pepper.



Protein – 31g

Carbs – 44g

Fat – 20g

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