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Every day people wish. “I wish I lived on the beach, where it’s hot every day”. “I wish I could stop smoking”. “I wish I could do this”. “I wish I could do that”. Wishing is exactly what separates the doer’s from those who can only dream.

People look at the elite or the successful of the world, and wish they could be like them. Can you be like them? Yes. Absolutely, because one day they were doing the exact same thing that you are doing now.


They took action.

What is your dream? Is it to write a book? Great. Go for it. Oh. You don’t have time, you say? Really? In the time it took you to beat Jill’s score on Candy Crush Saga and post it on Facebook, you could have written your first page.

Is it to lose a stone in weight by the summer? Awesome. So why are you waiting for a new month to begin, because by then you’ll have wasted many days you will never get back. You get the point.


We need a plan of action for you to get to where you want to be.

Blog Title - Stop Saying

Firstly, do away with temptation. Tempted to go on Facebook? Have a time of the day where you cut off all social media, games, distractions etc. Get productive instead.

Get rid of all the junk food in your cupboards, so you’re not going to dive in when you’ve had a long day, and feel the urge to binge. You’re increasing your chance of failure. Use the energy you have for productive tasks.

Secondly. Declare it. Be accountable. Make it public knowledge to your family and friends. If they love you, and they’re real friends, they won’t see you fail. They’ll encourage, and support you. 

Thirdly. Write stuff down. The night before. A list of tasks in order of importance, and when you want to complete them by. Know where this list is. It’s no good at home, if you need it when your out of the house.

Set motivational reminders. Something which will inspire you. If it’s related to productivity, set it so it is time related in reference to a task.

Know this. You can achieve anything. Anything. Dream big, and go for it.

Need a quote? Try this.

‘Success depends on the second letter’.

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