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The bells have rung out, the big red man has returned home for another twelve months, all the food has been consumed along with the festive telly, and now we are into a brand new year. Life has returned to normal, and so our attention has turned toward the annual ‘new year, new you’ scenario.

Gym clothes at the ready, membership card dusted off and all the willpower in the world are fuelling our desire to be the best version of ourselves that we have ever been, yet many of us never really seem to get going beyond the middle of February. This week’s blogs will aim to empower you with a different mantra so that each year seamlessly rolls into the next. More ‘new year, same me’. Starting now and continuing forever.

We can easily write these blogs over and over and over again on the 50 things you need to do to get in the best shape of your life. Instead, we’re going start the year by giving you two, easy, actionable points to get you started and keep you going. Think of them as the two points that you need to bear in mind for the next 360 days and beyond.

Blog Title - Twelve Months

#1. Consistency is king. To get into the best shape of your life you need to do it over and over again, and keep doing it. Establish a consistent training schedule whether that be the gym, training for a marathon, or doing some yoga. Whatever your goal is this year, you need to get into it as soon as possible and stay the course. That is, if you want to get better, fitter, stronger, leaner and see all the other physiological, and more importantly, physiological benefits that come with getting in shape and staying in shape. 

#2. Eat a balanced diet that incorporates all three macronutrients. We need protein, we need carbohydrates, and we need fat in our diet. End of story. Do not attempt to eliminate one, as this will quite simply, leave your body devoid of essential nutrients it needs to function optimally. Ensure each plate of food you eat at the very least contains a good source of protein, some colourful veggies or fibrous greens, a fist-sized portion of carbs and a small amount of healthy fat.

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