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In part eleven, we look at why you need to take the positive from any situation that stands in the way of you achieving your goal.

Albert Einstein said ‘In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity’. Everyone at some time goes through negative situations, that are more often than not, unavoidable. We will all go through a negative situation this year. It could be related to health, family, friends, or the world in general. Whatever life throws at us, we have to take the opportunity out of the negative.

At times its difficult to stay positive. We may be inclined to react negatively. We need to find clarity in adversity. The one thing that will help us to stay on the path that we have set for ourselves, and hit your resolution, is your plan. 

If you’ve not drawn your plan yet, then you need to get on it right now. Fail to plan. Plan to fail. Set those short term goals, and set your long term ‘vision’. Set it within a realistic timeline, and align these goals with rewards that will benefit, not hinder, you.

Blog Title - Part Eleven

If you miss a gym session, or workout, take a positive away that you can complete a workout at home. If you can’t even complete a home workout, don’t worry too much. The positive is it’s one day out of 365. If you eat a piece of chocolate, or have a beer, its only one. The positive is that you are still allowed to eat and drink the things you enjoy, but you do so in moderation. If someone gives you constructive criticism, then take the positive out of it, and work to correct it, and turn it into a strength.     

Your accountability partner will play a big role in your resolution this year, and they will offer the support you may need in a given situation. They will help to find the positives, and eliminate the negatives. We recommend adopting ‘a quote a day’ mentality. Find a motivational quote that you can use to empower you, motivate you, and inspire you every day. You will be surprised how powerful you might find them.

Above all else, always refer back to the plan you have written. Look at why you are setting out to achieve this vision that is important to you. Re-assess your goals, and the importance of them. Understand the negative impact it will have on you, if you fail to take a positive from situations that are often out of your control. Organise your time effectively.

Be productive. Be successful. This year is yours.

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