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In this blog, we continue on with our blueprint for success in the coming year by talking about the importance of planning.

Many people make decisions on a whim. Many people neglect to plan ahead. It all becomes very last minute. New year resolutions are no different. We tend to make them right around the moment that Big Ben is chiming, and bringing us into a brand new year full of promise, and positivity. Many people at that time are also intoxicated!

Many will choose a resolution that has no bearing on their well-being, and general health. Most will even forget what resolution they made the morning after due to the sheer volume of alcohol they drank, which erased the thought they had. Others will make decisions when their personal mindset is at a low ebb.

Planning, and really thinking about your resolution in advance allows you to do so with a clear outlook. Doing so now gives you almost a week to plan, think about, and put your resolution into clear focus, and clarity before the new year comes around.

Blog Title - New Year

If you’re unsure of what it is that you most desire for the coming year, write down a series of resolutions, and eliminate the ones that are of less importance to you. You could, in the other instance, use the lesser desired resolutions as stepping stones to the real goal. Set them as a series of small, manageable targets, and hit them, one by one. If your goal is weight loss, then know how much you want to lose. Don’t be vague. Have a number, not a generalization.

As we said above, a clear mindset is needed when choosing something that will have a large bearing on the year ahead. Do this in an environment that will not cloud your judgment. Do so in private, or away from crowds, or your family. Negativity, anger, and stress can lead to you making the wrong choice, or not making a choice at all.

Above all, make it personal to you, and be sure of the reasons why you want to achieve this.

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