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In part three of our blueprint series, we’ll show you why your support network needs to be exactly that. A support network.

To achieve things in life, sometimes we need help. Help from family, friends, colleagues, or teammates. Achieving our resolutions can be no different. Setting out on this journey can sometimes feel very, very daunting, and no one should do it alone.

That’s why you need to shout about it from the roof tops. Don’t keep it to yourself, especially if it’s something that is going to have a profound effect on you, and your health, and well-being. That said, make your resolution this year something of substance. Something that is very important to you. Don’t settle for any old crap.

By making it known to your family, friends, and colleagues you are opening up a network of support that will enable you to move forwards, and know that in times of need people will be able to provide encouragement. No one quite knows what each day is going to bring. We can get side tracked by any number of things, from work to family, to illness. It’s at these times that your support network will step up, and offer words of encouragement, and positivity.

Blog Title - New year Blueprint 3

When you settle on your new year target let the people that will provide this support know how important this is to you. Don’t just let them know vaguely, and say very little about it. Explain your wants, your needs, and your why to them. This way you are making it very clear to them that their trust and support will be needed, and appreciated when the time comes.

Letting people know your goals or resolutions also provides accountability, which is something that we are going to talk about in the next blog. Sharing your resolution with others, makes you accountable, not only to yourself, and your actions, but to others, too.

Choose your goal, set your target, and shout about it. Don’t keep it to yourself. You’re asking to fail if you set about it with no support.

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