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We’re closing in on the half-way point of the blueprint series, and here we’ll talk about why you need to see the outcome of what you’re doing and why enjoying it is crucial to your long-term sustainability.

Exercise is not for everyone. Although it should be. You need to realize that the benefits of healthy living far outweigh the benefits of living a sedentary lifestyle. There are no benefits to living a sedentary lifestyle! That said if exercise feels like it’s a chore, then you’re doing something wrong.

Unfortunately, some gyms are so big that many struggle to keep attrition rates down due to  the fact that they haven’t got the manpower to provide the service that the members may want, or it may be that the member doesn’t want help in the first place, or are too scared to ask for it. If you’re one of the people who potter around gyms, doing a little bit of this, and a little bit of that every single damn day, then you need to read on, and we need to adjust your mindset.

People often develop a dislike for the gym because they feel that they have to punish themselves for the weekend, or just because their mates go. If this is the case, then it’s fully understandable that you dislike exercise. You may look around and see people who look like they are genuinely enjoying the exercise, and wonder how they do it. These people understand the benefits of exercise. They are focused on what it is that they are trying to achieve. We spoke in earlier blogs, that you may go round in circles every year. You start with good intentions, but fail by the end of February, and spend the rest of the year watching your bank balance empty each month for something you’re not even using.    

To love or like something, you need to have got something out of it. An achievement, or a sense of satisfaction. The people who enjoy exercise enjoy it because of one main reason. They have pushed themselves, quit with the poor excuses, and got results. They are rewarded for their efforts with their training, nutrition, and positive mindset. They have developed a commitment to what they are doing, and what they have set out to achieve. They weren’t born this way. 

Blog Title - New Year Part Six

You just need to get started, get focussed, and get consistent. You need to be committed. Go back to the first blog, and ask yourself the question, when you walk into the gym, with a lack of desire. What is your motivation for being there?

Look at the people achieving success, and take their lead. As said before, be patient. It will take time. It will come. If you persist. Consistency is your key to unlocking whatever it is that you set out to achieve. People who are successful don’t give at the first hurdle or the second hurdle. They get up and get on with it.

Don’t do a couple of weeks, and have a couple of weeks throwing stupid excuses at it. You will be constantly going backward, and forward, increasing, and then decreasing your fitness. It’s ineffective. 

Remember, it will be hard at the beginning. Look at the women in the weights room, who looks just as comfortable in there as she does at home. She wasn’t always like that.

Results wise, get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Results don’t come easy. But when they do, others will take your place. Then you become their motivation.

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